What to Bring to the Business Office

signing paperwork in business office to purchase car

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to purchase a new vehicle or pre-owned vehicle at O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington. Now it’s time to go through the business office, also known as F&I (finance and insurance) or finance office. It is important to note that, while not every customer will finance their vehicle, all customers purchasing a vehicle will sign paperwork in the finance office. Below you will find the most common items customers need to bring to complete paperwork for their vehicle purchase.

  • Driver’s License 
  • Trade’s Title (if applicable)
  • Downpayment (if applicable)
  • Other financial documents (if applicable)

Driver’s License:

bring your driver's license with you to the business office to complete vehicle purchase.

Whether you are financing your vehicle or paying for it in cash, O’Brien Nissan will need to have your driver’s license on file. Typically your sales professional will get copies of your license at your first appointment. Best practice is to get copies of the driver’s license for each person that is going on the title. 

Trade Title:

Bring your trade's title with you to the business office while completing vehicle purchase.

One of the most commonly forgotten items in the business office is the trade’s title. For customers who have a trade with their car purchase, O’Brien Nissan will need the trade’s title to sell as a pre-owned vehicle or wholesale. Some individuals may still owe on the vehicle they are trading in and will not have a title. For these instances, the sales manager and sales professional will include a payoff amount in the deal’s structure and the customer(s) will sign a Power of Attorney. 


Not every customer chooses or is required to have a downpayment. There are multiple ways to leave a downpayment. While credit cards and checks are the most common and preferred methods for a downpayment, bank checks and cash are also accepted. It is important to confirm with your finance manager or sales professional the method of down payment and credit card limits/maximums before your appointment. 

Other Financial Documents:

When purchasing a vehicle, it’s important to understand that no two deals or customers are the same. Some customers may secure their own financing, but O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington works with several different lenders to bring you the best deals and APRs. Some lending institutions will require different documents for different customers depending on each situation. Other financial documents may include, but are not limited too: proof of income, proof of residence, H1B Visas, or newly issued social security cards.

**Disclaimer: There are several different variables that come into play when purchasing a vehicle that makes every customers’ experience unique. Please confirm items needed for the business office with Finance Manager and your Sales Professional.**

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